Texing with Santa

Coloring Book

  • One year, not long ago, Santa was kidnapped by the Evil Penguin King just a couple months before Christmas - so Christmas was in danger of not happening! The Evil Penguin King kidnapped Santa because Santa used to make toys at the South Pole and the penguins would help. Then Santa moved to the North Pole and left them all alone. Santa built Christmas Town in the North Pole, and put his workshop there. He got the help of elves, because elves are so good at making toys. But now Santa was trapped. So he found some wires and with the magic of Christmas, he made a Kindle and Nook with texting! Since he was trapped, he needed texting to collect Christmas wishes from boys and girls everywhere! This was very important because Christmas wishes keeps the spirit of Christmas alive!

    • Santa Claus

      The master of all toy makers!

    • Evil Penguin King

      The leader of the South Pole penguins.

    • Buddy

      Santa's most dependable elf.

    • Pickles

      The creative one of the bunch. A little spacey but loved by all.

    • Jack

      The one that won't be told its not possible. A dreamer and master of all tools.

  • Texting with Santa 2013-Free

    The story of how Santa saved Christmas with text messaging

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    Texting with Santa 2013

    Full Version- the story plus children can send and recieve personized texts from Santa Claus

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